Artisan Luxury Chocolates


Since 2015, people across this geography have discovered IRIS CHOCOS’S hand-wrapped chocolates made us famous. Unwrap and find out why. Where luxury and modern artistry meets traditional hand craftsmanship, yielding edible works artifacts, too beautiful and tempting to ear and enjoy !! We are manufacturers of luxury artisan chocolates based at Hyderabad, India. We produce chocolate bars, chocolate truffles, chocolate bonbons / pralines and chocolate barks with mostly organic inputs with low sugars !!! We produce various flavors, shape and variants to fulfill your cravings and occasions, along with typical chocolates, IRIS CHOCO™ is famous for its variations in terms of colors, texture, design patterns by taking the literal meaning of IRIS – Rainbow in Latin. 

Chocolate Bars


IRIS CHOCO'S Gourmet Chocolate Bars - Made From Mostly Organic*, Less Sugar & Fresh Ingredients With Love. Hand Crafted Artisan Chocolate Bars Are Made Fresh Daily In Our Home Style Studio In Delicious Mouth Watering Varieties Including : Peppermint, Orange, Pistachio, Coconut, Hazelnut... Etc.

Because our chocolates are handmade, no two pieces are exactly the same 

Chocolate Truffles


IRIS CHOCOS™ luxury chocolate truffles are our most popular chocolate gift products! Each chocolate truffle is handmade in our home style studio, creating stunning exotic chocolates that are made using a traditional ganache filling. These gourmet chocolates are a sensation to be experienced – too pretty to eat … until you taste one that is! 

Chocolate Barks


Bitter Sweet Chocolate And White Chocolate Are Marbled Together To Make A Beautiful, Every Holiday Treat & Perfect For Gift - Giving. This Barks Are Studded With Salted Peanuts, Pistachio & Cashews Etc. IRIS CHOCO Famous Barks Lines Are : Peppermint, Peanut Butter, Galaxy, White Strawberry Barks, Confetti Bark Etc.

Because our chocolates are handmade, no two pieces are exactly the same 

For Chocolate Lovers !


Product Care - IRIS CHOCO

Always store your loved chocolate in a cool, dry place away from heat source or direct light, with consistent temperature between 12 – 20  C  (55 F – 68 F). Keep your chocolate from strong odors as they may absorb the odor and be negatively impacted by it. Do not refrigerate. Always keep the relative humidity between 50% – 55%.

Product availability : product availability is subjected to change without any notice. Product may not be exactly as shown in this catalog.

Assurance of quality : for over the years  iris choco  has been know for its quality & excellence. Our products leave us in fresh & perfect conditions. If your product has been damaged in any way, please contact us & we will be happy send you a replacement.

White / fat / sugar bloom : humidity & temperature may cause product to developed a whitishlayer, this does not effect its fitness for consumption.

Allergy info : may contains extracts of soy & peanuts, tree nuts, wheat & milk.
Product weight : * weight may vary + few grams as these are purely handmade.

Shelf life : shelf life varies from product to product. Please read shelf life period mentioned in each of the product

All these chocolate products are licenced by FSSAI.