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IRIS TEA FUSIONS is a Hyderabad based green tea infusing company, which uses 100%  whole leaf green tea. We use various known flora based ingredients to make  unique infusions for healthy living. We brought these concepts from Japan and Europe  in terms of method of infusion, packaging and serving with Pyramid tea bags. These pyramids are made with corn silk yarn. 

These IRIS TEA FUSIONS pyramid bags are designed to bring the loose leaf tea experience to the convenience of a tea bag. Take out the guess work of brewing the loose leaf with these pre-proportioned tea bags. These are all tall, roomy that fit in a single tea cup and give tea leaves plenty of space to move around within the bag and interact with hot water for full flavor extraction. They can also be steeped more than once - means you can get more cups out of a single pyramid tea bag! 

These products are processed under the licence of FSSAI. #iristeafusions, #floratea, #greentea, #teainfusions, #tisanes, #herbaltea, #healthytea, #specialteas, #chamomile, #hibiscus, #lavender, #calendula, #ginger, #rose, #detox, #stress, #diabetic, #teaformen, #teaforwomen, #mint, #lotus, #redtea, #whitetea, #rooibos, #blacktea, #lemontea, #tulasi, #basil

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Currently you can experience all these infusions in a selected cafes of few IT companies, However you can still enjoy all these by ordering offline.

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We offer a wide variety of hot and iced drinks, all these beverages are made in our studio with out any preservatives and artificial sweeteners. All these good things will help individuals " trying to be good everyday' !  So whether you're stopping for your morning breakfast , lunch, or an afternoon snack, or with a lavish buffet, we've got you covered! 

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Legal Disclaimer : These Teas are not meant to cure or treat any illness or disease. Please have it at your own responsibility. Please check for allergen advice if any. Chocolates: Please check for sugar content and nut allergy information.

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